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About EIPA

The European Industrial Packaging Association (EIPA) is an European Trade Association, representing

  • manufacturers of steel drums,

  • manufacturers of fibre drums and

  • reconditioners of industrial packaging.

EIPA was formed in 2008.

The industrial packaging groups that make up EIPA are:

  • SEFA – European Association of Steel Drum Manufacturers

  • SEFFI – European Association of Fibre Drums Manufacturers

  • SERRED – European Association of Reconditioners

Together, these groups represent a wide range of industrial packaging in Europe and the manufacturing companies that belong to these groups comprise a significant proportion of the industrial packaging capacity.

EIPA’s goals include raising the visibility of industrial packaging and emphasizing its importance in the safe and reliable transport of goods throughout Europe and the world. Its formation is a leap forward for manufacturers and suppliers interested in establishing a formidable resource to advance the industrial packaging industry, promote technological developments that improve product safety and reliability, and assure that domestic, European and international regulations are reasonable and necessary.

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